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Human Resources / Organization

A variety of networks among the data, tasks, resources, and people in an organization are important elements to an organization’s performance and development. Communication patterns that occur in the organization are collected to diagnose the efficiency and structure of communication, allowing the corporation to understand the organization's processes better and effectively improve the organization's performance.

Sales / Marketing

A new era of spending. There’s a large amount of data available online that allows you to understand customers’ behavioral patterns and interests. Using graph analytics and machine learning to analyze customer behavior and diffusion patterns, marketers can predict customer profiles and actions to make personalized suggestions.

Strategy / R&D

For a government agency or corporation to develop, it needs a clear strategy and corresponding R&D investment plan to achieve its goals. A graph-based knowledge map facilitates a visual understanding of knowledge structures in vast amounts of documents. At the same time, machine learning can significantly reduce the amount of time and expense incurred in data classification and prediction.

Compliance / Crime

With the advancement of social systems, patterns of fraud, conspiracy, and fraudulent actions are becoming more complex; tracking them down involves a lot of time and high costs. NetMiner 365 allows you to quickly find abnormal patterns and understand the graph structure in entire suspect groups using graph analytics and machine learning.

Manufacturing / Supply Chain Management

NetMiner 365 can help you significantly increase corporate profits by making production processes more efficient, accurately predicting the supply and demand of products, and optimizing logistics routes. In addition, graph analytics allows you to understand process structures, business transactions with other companies, logistics patterns, etc., to reduce loss and eliminate bottlenecks in the supply chain network.

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