All that is necessary for Big Data Analytics

NetMiner 365 can help you understand graph data in big data easily
using various analysis methods anytime, anywhere.
NetMiner 365 is a platform that has everything you need.

Why NetMiner 365?

NetMiner 365 is a cloud based big data analysis platform
designed to easily discover graph structures and apply graph and machine learning technology.

  • Graph Extraction from Big Data

    NetMiner 365 can help you extract the hidden graph structures in big data easily and quickly. All you have to do is select the data to be connected via “relationships.”
    NetMiner 365 will take care of the graph data modeling and structuralization.

  • Graph Analytics

    Due to the limitations of existing analysis methods, there has been more interest of late in finding value in “relationships.”
    Graph analytics is the technology most suited to understanding “relationship” data. The core graph/network analysis and features such as graph data processing and visualization offered by NetMiner 365 help you find value within the graphs.

  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning

    NetMiner 365 offers widely used machine learning and deep learning algorithms and graph machine learning to learn graphs.
    It is designed to also utilize the relational features from graphs in machine learning, allowing a fused analysis of Graph Analytics and machine learning.

  • Anytime, Anywhere, Without Restrictions

    NetMiner 365 is a cloud based online platform that can be accessed anytime and anywhere through the web, allowing you to maximize your productivity.
    You can save the time and costs needed for big data analytics in a cloud environment.

  • Enterprise (Coming Soon)

    NetMiner 365 provides services for enterprise. Corporations can use a private cloud based on premise version for security and management.
    In addition, each sector’s different requirements can't be handled by a universal platform. Easily meet the various needs in your corporation through a customized version of NetMiner 365.

NetMiner 365 for Everyone

Anyone can easily use NetMiner 365
to create unique insights that fuse machine learning and graph analytics.

  • Network Analysis Experts

    NetMiner 365 has many graph/network analysis algorithms and features to help you understand graph structures and characteristics accurately.

  • Novice Analysts

    NetMiner 365 helps you analyze your data easily, from data uploading, visualization, to graph analytics and machine learning. All it takes is just a few clicks.

  • Advanced Analysts

    NetMiner 365 can help you get new, differentiated insights with a fused analysis using graph analytics, multivariate statistics, and machine learning.

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