Graph Machine Learning,
New Paradigm for Big Data

Are Query and Statistics granting you no more new insights?
It is important to understand the graph structure hidden in big data
to predict and classify more precisely.

NetMiner 365, A Platform for Graph Machine Learning

It is essential to have the right approach to understand data properly.

There are large amounts of graph/relation data inside big data,
But existing data analysis have only understood data through information structuralization, query, and statistics.

NetMiner 365 combines graph/network analytics know-how built up over a long period and machine learning algorithms.
So, it provides different innovations and inspiration.

Why you need NetMiner 365

NetMiner 365 provides everything necessary for business
based on the innovative integration of machine learning and graph analytics.

  • Graph Extraction from Big Data

    Graph Extraction from Big Data

    NetMiner 365 helps you extract
    the hidden graph structures in
    big data easily and quickly.

  • Graph Analytics

    Graph Analytics

    NetMiner 365 gives the data structures,
    algorithms, and features to help you
    understand the graph.

  • Machine Learning& Deep Learning

    Machine Learning & Deep Learning

    NetMiner 365 provides algorithms for
    both graph machine learning and
    widely used machine learning.

  • Anytime, Anywhere, FreelyAnytime, Anywhere, Freely

    Anytime, Anywhere, Freely

    NetMiner 365 is a cloud-based
    online platform that can be accessed
    via the web anytime, anywhere.

  • Enterprise


    NetMiner 365 can provide enterprise
    with on-premise, customization,
    and etc .(later)

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